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Climate Toolkits

Welcome to Flintshire County Council’s Climate Toolkits. These toolkits have been created to support Schools and Town & Community Councils to measure and understand their carbon emissions, determine a means to reduce those emissions and engage with others to support and influence action. 

The main Toolkit documents are presented below for both Schools and Town & Community Councils, with supporting tools in the drop-down sections, all of which can be downloaded and saved. 


The two following Toolkit documents are central to the Climate Toolkits, providing all the information users need to understand climate change, its impacts and how the tools can be used. Click on the relevant link to download the toolkit that’s required. 

School Climate Toolkit (pdf)

Town & Community Council Climate Toolkit (pdf)

In the following drop-down sections are the various tools users can use to calculate carbon emissions, plan emission reductions, and engage with others. 

Tools and Guidance

Environmental Assessment

The environmental assessment is a simple to use learner-led audit of a school’s environmental behaviours and practices. It covers the topics of energy usage, waste, biodiversity, transport, and water usage.

This activity can be conducted before a school begins its carbon footprint calculation and serves as a simple introduction to the toolkit for both staff and learners as well as information gathering.

Environmental Assessment (pdf)

Carbon Management

By measuring and monitoring carbon emissions, an organisation can understand the quantity and source of those emissions helping to plan and prioritise appropriate actions to reduce them. The tools in this section supports users to calculate emissions, track how those emissions change over time, and report on how those emissions are being managed and reduced towards a net zero carbon target of 2030.


School Carbon Calculator (xlsx)

School Carbon Tracker & Reduction Tool (xlsx)

School Carbon Reduction Plan (docx)

Town & Community Councils

Town & Community Council Carbon Calculator (xlsx)

Town & Community Council Carbon Tracker & Reduction Tool (xlsx)

Town & Community Council Carbon Reduction Plan (docx)

Other Tools

Staff Commute Calculator (xlsx)

Data Collection and Input Guidance (pdf)

Digital Energy User Guide (pdf)


Engagement is a big part of helping to enact behaviour change which leads to the reduction in carbon emissions. This section aims to engage from KS2 through to KS4. The council’s Climate Change team have created lesson plans which look at some of the big contributors of climate change.

Primary Lesson

Primary Lesson Plan (pdf)

Primary Lesson Plan Supporting Slides (pptx)

Primary Lesson Activity 1 sheet (docx)

Secondary Lesson

Secondary Lesson Plan (pdf)

Secondary Lesson Plan Supporting Slides (pptx)

Secondary Lesson Activity 1 sheet (docx)

Secondary Lesson Activity 1 answer sheet (pdf)

Supporting Contacts

If a School or Town & Community Council requires any support when using the toolkit, or identifies issues or opportunities for improvement, then please contact the relevant team shown in the table below. 

Table of supporting contacts
EnquiryKey Contact
General Enquiries
Buildings (heating, electricity, water & renewables)
Business Travel