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Shotton High Street - Consultation

Flintshire County Council are seeking your views on proposals to implement Active Travel (walking and cycling) infrastructure, enhancements to the natural environment and measures to improve traffic flow on the B5129 Shotton High Street from Brook Road to Shotton Lane.

Shotton High Street is an important travel corridor providing key strategic links to areas of employment, education and services.  However, for those who live, work or regularly travel through Shotton, accessing local amenities either by car, cycle or on foot has historically been impeded by traffic congestion and instances of conflict between pedestrians and cyclists on the footways.  

In order to address the historic issues along the corridor, proposals have been developed for the introduction of hybrid cycle lanes, improvements to green infrastructure which include, tree pits, rain gardens and green bus stops as well as measures aimed at improving traffic flow such as the designated right turn lanes and changes to existing No Entry/One Way traffic restrictions.

It is anticipated that the proposals improvements will greatly improve the quality of life for residents as well as offering alternative green travel options for local journeys with obvious benefits for public health and the environment.

Should the scheme progress to construction, there would be an unavoidable period of disruption which is anticipated to last for a period of 11 months involving the use of temporary traffic lights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Shotton High Street - Have Your Say 

The proposals can also be viewed in person:

21/7/22 - Rivertown Church, Chester Road West CH5 1BX

22/7/22 - St Ethelwolds Church Hall, Shotton CH5 1QD

Open to:

members of public - 1pm - 6pm

businesses – 6pm - 8pm

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