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Grit Bins

We have about 500 grit bins/heaps across the County. We’ve put them in places where we know there may be problems, like steep hills, sharp bends and difficult junctions. They are placed based on criteria approved by Members.

Refilling grit bins

All salt bins will be filled at the start of the winter season and refilled again following severe weather conditions, depending on the availability of rocksalt and only if required.

The bins are not there to provide grit for private footways and drives. Please only use them for footways and where there is a problem on the road. If you do see people emptying large amounts of salt from these bins or think we have missed the bin please notify us with as much information as possible.

The extra coarse grit used in these bins can damage private driveways which are not as durable as road surfaces so anyone using it may end up paying out for driveway repairs in the long run. If you are employing someone to grit your driveway, ask them where the grit has come from. Suitable grit can be purchased from most local DIY/hardware stores or builders’ merchants.

Types of grit bin

Yellow grit bins

Yellow grit bins are refilled by the Council.

You should ask us to refill these bins.

Contact Streetscene

Green grit bins

Green grit bins are refilled by Town and Community Council.

You should ask your Town/Community Council to refill these bins.

Find my Town/Community Council

Providing more grit bins

Each grit bin costs £135 to install and £60 to fill. We will consider requests for new salt bins at known trouble spots on the public highway if they are needed and resources are available. Any new sites will be required to meet the criteria in the Council’s winter maintenance policy.

All community councils will be able to purchase grit bins and rock salt from Streetscene Services to support the Council’s winter maintenance service.  The salt bins purchased by community councils and placed upon the adopted highway with the prior approval of Streetscene Services will be different to Streetscene salt bins and will be maintained by the community councils.

Vandalism and theft

Grit bins are often vandalised. If it becomes an unbearable nuisance, you can ask us to remove the bin. Other residents will need to agree.

If you are caught stealing grit, you will be prosecuted.

Report a empty or vandalised grit bin

To report an empty or vandalised grit bin please contact Streetscene.

Contact Streetscene