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Information about school meals, school holidays and other school essentials

There have been a number of communications over recent weeks about school meals and other school essentials, and as the term draws to a close it may be useful to have this information all in one place.

Eligible Free School Meals payments over the holidays

Eligible Free School Meals (eFSM) are provided to all pupils whose parents/carers are eligible to this benefit through an income assessment and they remain eligible for as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Due to the decision made by Welsh Government, Flintshire County Council will no longer be making the weekly eFSM payments over the holidays. Any queries regarding why the eFSM provision is no longer available should be directed to Welsh Government.

The Council is committed to taking action so children can eat well during the summer holidays and will be working in collaboration with Aura Wales to fund packed lunches for children who attend their Fit, Fed and Read activities. The sessions will run for five weeks from July 24 until August 25 from Monday to Friday at different locations across Flintshire.  For further details please contact Josh at 

Food and Fun

Food and Fun is a Welsh Government funded programme, delivered through eligible schools during the summer holidays. A number of Flintshire schools are taking part and pupils attending will receive a nutritious lunch. A list of Flintshire schools taking part can be found on the WLGA website. Please speak to your school directly if you need more information.

Universal Free School Meals

Universal Free School Meals (UPFSM) is the Welsh Government’s initiative which will see all children of primary school age receiving a free school meal by 2024, regardless of income.  Since 2022 UPFSM has been rolled out to Reception and Years 1 and 2 pupils in all primary schools across Flintshire. From September 2023 this will be extended to include Year 3 and 4 pupils and will be followed by Years 5 and 6 in April 2024. There is no need to apply or register.

School Essentials Grant (formerly Uniform Grant)

This year we are trying to improve the process for claiming a School Essentials Grant (formerly Uniform Grant). We are hoping to reduce the need for form filling, and speed up the process of issuing the payments, therefore enabling the majority of parents and guardians to receive the payment before the end of July.

These payments will be issued in respect of children where the parent or guardian is able to answer YES to ALL of following questions;

  • Are your children in receipt of eFSM?
  • Are your children in Year 1 or above?
  • Have you been receiving payments in lieu of eFSM during the school holidays?
  • Did you receive a School Essentials Grant (formerly known as Uniform Grant) between 1st July 2022 and 30th June 2023?

If you answer YES to ALL of the questions above, then you do not need to apply for a School Essential Grant this year, as the payments will be issued automatically by 30th July 2023. If you have not received the payment by 30th July 2023, please email to advise the payment has not been received.

If your child is entering reception, is moving from a school outside of Flintshire, or your circumstances have changed meaning you are now eligible for Free School Meals and a School Essential Grant, you will need to complete an application. This form can be found on Flintshire’s website by searching for ‘Free School Meals’ or by typing in the short URL

More information about help with the cost of living can be found by following the links below: