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Thousands of people across Flintshire give their free time to help make a difference to others.  At Flintshire County Council we have many different volunteering opportunities available.  The range of things that people can do to support their local communities is almost endless.  

There are some fantastic personal rewards from being a volunteer.  People who volunteer can gain a sense of satisfaction that they have been involved in supporting their community.  Some volunteer opportunities allow people to benefit from learning new skills, attending different training and improving future employability.

What's in it for you?

Whatever your reason for becoming a volunteer there are huge benefits for you and your community.  We can help you to achieve your personal goals.  

Volunteering provides the experience and qualifications employers look for, it shows that you are committed and have employability.

You will receive training to prepare you for Volunteering and to enhance your activities.  You should not be out of pocket, where possible we will reimburse pre-agreed expenses such as mileage and car parking.

What can you expect from us?

  • A full induction into your role within the service
  • Regular support and feedback from a supervisor
  • A written description of your volunteer activities
  • Recognition of the different roles and responsibilities of volunteers and paid employees
  • Ongoing opportunities for training 

What we expect from you

While carrying out your Volunteering Activities, you are expected to be ambassadors for Flintshire County Council.  Your volunteering activities will add great value to the services we offer to the people of Flintshire.  

In relation to your volunteering activities you must:

  • Be reliable, committed and professional
  • Act in confidence and with discretion
  • Embrace equality and diversity values
  • Have a duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of all people you deal with
  • Abide by all relevant health and safety and data protection legislation. 

How do I apply?

If you are responding to a particular advertisement for a volunteer, you can complete the Volunteering Application Form and email it to the Manager who is recruiting.  An email address will be provided as part of the advertisement.  

If you just want to put yourself forward for a volunteering opportunity in general, you can register with the Flintshire Local Volunteering Council (FLVC) by emailing them at or phoning 01352 744000.  They will then keep your details on file and match your skills to any volunteering opportunities that may be available.