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Children’s Social Services recruit volunteers to be mentors for children & young people. We are looking for people with a positive outlook, good communication skills and commitment to supporting young people. Young people have told us that they want a mentor who is friendly, reliable, a good listener and a confidence builder. 

Join our team of volunteers and develop your skills whilst helping others in your community. Just a few hours a week can make a huge difference to a child or young person.

For further information please contact Andrea Wade, volunteer mentor co-ordinator via phone at 07818 511162 or by email at

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Interview with Mentor

Newly qualified Social Worker Jo Millar talks about the benefits that she gained from volunteering as a mentor in Children’s Services. 

Interview with Mentor - Find out more

Hear from our Mentors

Mentors share their stories about supporting young people.

Hear from our mentors - Find out more

Quotes from Volunteer Youth Mentors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a helping process that is used in many different sectors and settings, as such there are many approaches and styles.  

Our approach is based on the principles that mentoring is a voluntary, respectful and purposeful relationship.  The purpose is agreed at the start and is based on what the young person expresses and also on the views of the referrer and /or family or carers.  The purpose can change and develop as the mentoring relationship develops. 

The role of a volunteer mentor is to meet with a young person regularly, build a purposeful relationship through reliability and respect, plan mentoring sessions around their needs and interests and encourage them to try new experiences and set goals for themselves. 

A mentor can support a young person in many ways: 

  • Building confidence
  • Reducing social isolation
  • Emotional support
  • Pursuing positive social and leisure activities
  • Support with friend and family relationships 
  • Life and social skills:  getting on with others, managing emotional responses, cooking, managing money
  • Talking, walking, relaxing activities
  • Settling into / remaining settled in accommodation
  • Planning for a future college or training course 

How often do I meet with a young person? 

Meetings are usually weekly but there is a lot of flexibility with the role and we have examples of effective mentoring relationships that take place fortnightly.  Meetings usually last between 2-3 hours.  

How old are the young people?

The young people who are referred are aged 11-20.   

Do I pay for the costs of the sessions with young people?

We reimburse any expenses incurred during mentoring sessions for the young person and volunteer.  In some cases, we can pre-book and pay in advance for some activities.  Expenses including mileage can be claimed at any time along with receipts.  

Will I receive training? 

Yes, before you start volunteering, you will participate in initial training and induction that covers boundaries, mentoring skills, safeguarding.  This equates to about 1.5 days in total on a day and time agreed with you.  Furthermore, there are a wide range of one and half-day courses that are available for volunteers to undertake throughout the year. These include courses on ADHD, Autism, Mental Health. 

What support will I receive? 

There is ongoing support for all volunteers through online and in person meetings and via telephone and email on a weekly basis if required. There are also group supervision and meeting that take place every 2 months. These are a great opportunity for volunteers to meet up with each other, share challenges and successes and receive feedback and updates.

Do I need to have my own transport?   

Whilst it is not essential to use a car to be a volunteer mentor, it can be harder to match a mentor who does not have a full driving licence and access to a car. 

Volunteers must provide their MOT Certificate and proof from their insurance company that their car insurance covers them for their volunteering role. Volunteer mileage is reimbursed at 45p for every mile.  This is in line with guidance from HMRC.  

I already have a DBS, will I need to get another?

Yes, the role is subject to an enhanced disclosure check (DBS) and unless you have one already that is for an FCC role, is enhanced and covers you for working with Children, you would need to apply for a new one.  All children’s services staff & volunteers renew their DBS every three years.  

There is no cost to you for a DBS check.