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Community Facilities Programme

Community Facilities Programme

This capital grant fund aims to develop and improve facilities for communities in order to tackle poverty and its effects.


The Programme is open to projects throughout Wales. Applications need to demonstrate the facility to be improved is:

  • needed and used by the community and offering services not duplicated in the surrounding area
  • providing services which prevent or mitigate poverty and its effects
  • reintroducing or preventing the loss of community services
  • supported by and developed along with the local community
  • strategic and can demonstrate this by evidencing it has the support of the local authority, local County Voluntary Council, Local Health Board or similar partner
  • sustainable over the medium to long term.


The Programme is community based, and is open to community and voluntary sector organisations, including social enterprises. We recognise that we need to improve the health and wellbeing; opportunities for lifelong learning; and economic prospects of the individual members of our most vulnerable communities.

We want applications that are community led and developed in partnership with community, public and private sector partners. The co-location of organisations providing services such as credit union access, local health services, post office services, youth services, sports facilities, library services, etc. is encouraged..

The funding criteria

Capital grants will typically be available to a maximum of £500,000. For exceptional projects that also demonstrate difficulties in attracting funding from other sources, this maximum could be exceeded.

Grants are available for capital works to provide or improve community facilities which are preventing or tackling poverty by offering one or more of the following services:

  • Providing, safeguarding or re-introducing a valuable community service such as access to a credit union, post office, library, last shop/retail outlet in the area.
  • Hosting skills based or other accredited training to improve the job prospects of individual beneficiaries.
  • Hosting local health services, exercise or healthy living activities.
  • Providing community IT access, broadband access and/or IT training to aid digital inclusion.
  • Hosting a foodbank, food co-operative, access to advice services or other activity which prevents or seeks to mitigate the effects of poverty.
  • Hosting activities delivered through a Welsh Government tackling poverty programme such as Communities First or Families First.
  • Encouraging the co-location of local groups and service providers to improve the overall sustainability of the facility.
  • Making the most of available funding by avoiding the duplication of services and working with other local partners in the community, public and private sectors to improve the life chances of local people.

    How to apply for funding

    Applications for the Community Facilities Programme are invited from community led projects to a maximum of £500,000.

    The Programme is a rolling grant programme meaning that applications can be submitted at any time; there are no formal funding rounds.

    Applications must be able to demonstrate that the facility is sustainable and so must be accompanied by a business plan and supported by annual accounts where available.

    The application process is in two stages.  Stage 1 is a short application which will be used to assess eligibility and fit to the scheme criteria, for example tackling poverty. Applicants will get a response to stage one within 30 working days.

    Stage two requires the submission of a business plan. The two stage process helps to ensure that projects that are not a good fit for the funding criteria do not waste resources developing an application which has little chance of succeeding.

    Potential applicants will be expected to work with local authorities and Community Voluntary Councils as well as the local community in order to develop applications.

    Please email your completed expressions of interest to:

    Contact details

    South East Wales: Mike O'Shea on 0300 062 8612

    North and Mid Wales: Nesta Doughty on 0300 062 5627

    West Wales: Helen Brown on 0300 062 8265

    If above are unavailable: Lisa Clarridge on 0300 062 8307

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