Alert Section

Noise Nuisance

A NUISANCE is an unreasonable act or omission which materially or substantially affects you in your property, in such a way as to interfere with your enjoyment and comfort on a regular basis.  Infrequent occurrences can be classed as nuisance if the effect is particularly serious.

Common types of Noise Nuisance are:
Loud music or television
Barking dogs
Noise from industrial or commercial premises

Noises that we cannot deal with include:
Children or Youths causing annoyance
Banging doors
Traffic noise
Aircraft noise (civil or military)

Registering your concerns.
If you know who is responsible for causing the problem it can often help to approach them directly in a friendly way and explain to them how you are being affected.  If you do not feel that this is possible or you have already tried it unsuccessfully, then register your concerns with the Pollution Control Team.

IMPORTANT: Remember to include the address of where the noise nuisance is occurring:

Contact details:

English 01352 703440

Welsh 01267 224923