Alert Section

Anti social behaviour and nuisance

Tackling anti social behaviour is a priority for the County Council and the other public and voluntary agencies it works with to improve community safety.

Examples may include:

  • Rowdy or noisy behaviour in the community
  • Vandalism, graffiti and fly posting
  • Loutish behaviour
  • Fly tipping or dumping of rubbish
  • Street drinking
  • Nuisance neighbours

What isn't anti social behaviour?

  • Noise from children playing
  • Personal differences 
  • Family disputes
  • Normal living noises, such as flushing toilets and closing doors.

When incidents are reported, solutions may include issuing equipment like personal alarms, window alarms or better door and window locks for repeat and vulnerable victims.

Diversionary and preventative tactics can be put in place for problem locations and enforcement action taken or referral to support services made where necessary for offenders with drug and alcohol or mental health issues.

Report anti social behaviour

If someone is acting in a violent, threatening or abusive manner, or you witness an individual committing criminal damage, vandalism, or behaving in a rowdy manner, you should contact the police on  999 immediately in an emergency.

Non emergency incidents of Anti Social Behaviour should be reported directly to North Wales Police on 101.

Flintshire's Neighbourhood Wardens also provide a highly visible, accessible, uniformed, presence across the county and patrol of hotspot anti social behaviour areas on foot and by vehicle.  The Wardens work at the heart of the community providing residents with face-to-face reporting. Flintshire's Neighbourhood Warden Service can be contacted directly on 01352 701818.

Flintshire's Community Safety Team can be contacted directly on 01352 702590.

Housing Association tenants should contact the Association direct in the first instance.