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Help With Saving Energy

The council’s Energy Unit provides professional advice and information to the public with strong emphasis on conservation. Energy conservation can bring financial savings, a reduction in harmful greenhouse gas emissions and improved well being through reducing fuel poverty - a major health and social issue in Wales.

The installation of energy efficient measures such as high efficiency boilers and insulation within both the commercial and domestic sector is promoted by the Unit.  Low carbon technologies such as solar thermal, photovoltaics, small scale wind and hydro, heat pumps and biomass are also encouraged.

Working in partnership with a number of energy utilities, other local authorities, energy advice centres, environmental organisations and businesses, sustainable energy issues and solutions are promoted.

Impartial advice and support is offered via North Wales Energy Advice Centre, with access to FCC Affordable Warmth/ HHHP schemes.Support is also available via NEST, a Welsh Government fuel poverty scheme which offers advice on saving energy, fuel tariffs and benefit entitlement. NEST can also provide free home improvements to eligible households to help make your home warmer and more energy efficient.

Within the council, the Unit is responsible for minimising energy use in all county owned buildings as well as procuring the gas and electricity used by the authority.

The Energy Unit

For domestic energy advice ring the North Wales Energy Advice Centre on 0800 9540658

For information on the Welsh Government’s Nest Scheme please visit https://www.nestwales.org.uk/