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Launch of new Digital Housing Hub for Flintshire

Published: 26/01/2023

Housing Support ENG.JPGFlintshire’s Housing Support and Homeless Prevention Services have launched their new Housing and Prevention Hub - the latest Hub on the Council’s website, making it easier and more user friendly to find housing information and support.

There is a raft of information on housing support services and a range of advice for those experiencing housing hardship, problems in their home, homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. The support is person-centred - tailored to each person’s specific needs and circumstances.  As well as providing many services, the Council also works with other organisations to help address and overcome any housing problems.  

There is some really useful advice and support on what to do if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  We would encourage anyone in this situation to contact the Council at the earliest opportunity.  This new Hub is one way to get advice and support and learn more about our services. 

Flintshire’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration, Councillor Sean Bibby, said:

“I believe it is important for people to get help and advice and be able to contact the Council easily when they have problems with their housing. The new Hub has brought together all the help and support on offer to residents in one easily accessible place.  

“This includes problems with private renting or finances as well as issues with condition of the property or even that they may be homeless or be at risk of becoming homeless.  There is also a link through to search Dewis Cymru to get help with any aspect of wellbeing from over 6,000 local and national services.”

The Housing Support and Homeless Prevention Services offer a wide range of advice and assistance and will support people to overcome their housing problems.  Where housing problems cannot be resolved, residents may be eligible to join the common housing register.  This is how the Council and local housing associations allocate social housing.

There is only a limited number of social homes available each year.  This means our services focus on helping residents to remain where they are by overcoming the problems and, where possible, avoiding the need to move.  When people do need to move, waiting times are significant.

All the information is backed up by comprehensive questions and answers which should address any concerns, so take a look – it’s only a click away!