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Halloween and Bonfire Safety

With celebrations for Halloween and Bonfire Night fast approaching, North Wales Police and partners are once again joining forces to ask people to ‘Be a Nice Guy’ with the annual BANG campaign.

Firework safety 

Why not visit an organised bonfire or one of the many spectacular firework displays.

Planning a fireworks display?

Follow our advice for a safe and successful event.  A licence or registration is required to store explosives including fireworks kept for the purpose of sale. 

The Law

  • It is an offence for under 18’s to possess a Category 2 or 3 firework in a public place (allowed indoor fireworks and sparklers).
  • It is an offence to supply persons under 18 with fireworks. Caps, cracker snaps, novelty matches, and party poppers may be supplied to persons 16 and above and can be possessed in public.
  • Fireworks may not be used during the night hours of 11pm to 7am. However on designated fireworks nights the restrictions are as follows: November 5 – curfew operates between 12 midnight and 7am the following day.
  • Remember that throwing eggs and flour at property is classed as criminal damage - and the police will deal with all incidents of anti-social behaviour accordingly.
  • Bonfires – building of, safety and the law (new window)