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Firework safety

Planning a fireworks display?

Firework displays should be enjoyable and spectacular occasions but they obviously need some responsible planning.

If you are proposing to hold a local firework display, such as those organised by Pubs, Social Clubs, Schools and Community Associations, please make sure that you plan the event thoroughly to ensure the safety of those working on the display and those who have come to watch.

If you don’t take care or if you act irresponsibly, fireworks can be dangerous. Each year around a thousand people are injured by fireworks in Britain and require hospital treatment. But that doesn’t mean everyone should cancel the fireworks displays and abandon the bonfire. With some good planning and a level head on the night your display can be safe and enjoyable for all.

Your first important consideration should be the selection of a suitable site, if you do not have sufficient space you will not be able to run your display safely. Please read the following Health and Safety Executive document which sets out guidelines for displays (in particular the section on selecting your site).

Please view our list of useful websites to help you plan your display.

Please note:  A licence is required to store fireworks kept for the purpose of sale.  There are also certain restrictions on the sale of fireworks. 

Please read the Licence – explosives page for further information.