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Recycle More Survey

Thank you! We are now recycling 58% of your waste! There's still more to recycle. Did you know...

  • Over 55% of waste placed in black bins could have been recycled. This has a cost of over £3,600 everyday.
  • We can create a better environment and save money if those items are placed in your recycling containers instead of the bin. 

More could be done with the money going to waste and here's how...

By choosing to recycle more, you can help make Flintshire cleaner and greener and save £1.33 million every year - money that could be spent on other vital services around Flintshire. 

By 15th April 2016 we will recycle over 58% of your waste, but we must do more. 

All Councils in Wales must recycle at least 70% of their waste by 2025. We need to find ways to recycle more today so that, in future, we can reduce our landfill costs and avoid significant fines for not recycling enough. 

Are you a recycle champion?

We would like to know how recycling affects your household, so, by completing the Recycle More Survey, we can find ways to help you recycle more. 

Thanks for your continued support of recycling in Flintshire. 

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