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Findings of the Household Survey and Public Information Sessions

Feedback from residents who participated in the 20mph information sessions

Online Survey Summary

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The Introduction Of Default 20mph Speed Limits On Restricted Roads
Buckley Pilot Scheme Information Events - Summary Report
23 March 2023

The purpose of the engagement

  • To gather feedback from residents residing in the pilot 20mph areas;
  • To gather feedback on the Council’s communication strategy for the Buckley 20mph pilot scheme;
  • To publicise the Welsh Government’s Restricted Roads (20mph Speed Limit) (Wales) Order 2022 that will see a national rollout of all 30mph speed limits defaulting to 20mph (apart from exceptions to the criteria).

The period of engagement

  • 25 January 2023 – Online Session 2-7pm
  • 1 February 2023 – Beaufort Park Hotel, New Brighton - Face to Face session 2-7pm
  • 2 February 2023 – Online Session 3-6:40pm
  • 8 February 2023 – Westwood Centre, Buckley - Face to Face session 3-7:45pm
  • 9 February 2023 – Online Session 2-7pm

Overall, 127 people attended the public information sessions. In addition to the sessions, an online household survey was undertaken.  9,426 properties located within the 20mph restriction areas received a letter to take part and 2,712 responses were received.   

The programme

  • To explain the criteria and exception criteria for the Restricted Roads (20mph Speed Limit) (Wales) Order 2022;
  • To gather residents’ feedback, issues, complaints and queries;
  • To gather feedback on the Council’s communication strategy regarding the Buckley 20mph pilot scheme.

Summary of open questions and answers

A summary of the topics discussed at the sessions are listed below:

Walking and cycling

Questions were asked in numerous sessions regarding the speed of cyclists and would cyclists have to abide by the 20mph speed limit.

Traffic speeds / Enforcement

Questions were asked as to what enforcement measures will take place, how traffic speeds will be monitored, when will enforcement of the 20 mph be introduced and what will the police approach be regarding educating drivers as opposed to penalising them.

Tailgating, over/undertaking and aggressive driving on Liverpool Road were also concerns raised by many attendees.

Implementation coverage

There was overwhelming support for 20mph in residential estates, the town centre, near to educational facilities and heavily populated areas with large numbers of pedestrians.

Liverpool Road, being a main arterial route and with a significant gradient, was universally raised as being unsuitable for 20mph. A considerable lack of support for this location being subject to 20mph restrictions was raised in every session by many attendees. Queries were also raised as to why Liverpool Road was chosen to be part of the pilot and Mold Road was not included.

Economic impact on the Town Centre

Concern was expressed in numerous sessions on the economic impact, perceived or otherwise, that the pilot scheme has had on the town of Buckley. The issues raised focused on the perceived impacted footfall in the town.

Anecdotal evidence suggested that footfall had significantly fallen due to visitors going elsewhere because of the 20mph restriction on Liverpool Road. Regeneration of the town centre was at the forefront of concern and it was felt that the introduction of the 20mph restrictions was significantly hindering regeneration. 

Information, Consultation and Engagement

Many attendees were very unhappy with the consultation process, the lack of information, the lack of face-to-face sessions due to Covid Restrictions and the use of online platforms etc. It was suggested by many attendees that a letter drop should have been carried out across the town.

Environmental factors

Concern was raised with regards to increases in emissions due to low speed and the effect this will have on the climate and health - particularly emissions from HGV’s, buses etc. Air pollution was discussed in every group session. 

Cost of Implementation

The cost of implementing the 20mph restrictions was heavily discussed and debated. It was raised that the UK is in a period of austerity and the money could have been better spent elsewhere.

Road traffic incidents, casualties and fatalities

Many attendees queried the restrictions on roads where there had been no incidences of the above. It was also argued that vehicles are becoming safer and advances in vehicle technology should negate the need for 20mph restrictions.

Exception Criteria

The exception criteria were discussed heavily in every group session and officers explained it in detail. Attendees expressed concern that exceptions would not be considered and were very dismissive of the process and the Council’s ability to apply exceptions should they be warranted. There was overall concern that the exception process would not be followed correctly.

The engagement process

The events were open to everyone and were promoted through targeted letter-drops to those residents affected by the pilot scheme, social media platforms and press releases. Registration for places could be secured online or via telephone