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Welsh in Business

How using Welsh in the workplace can help your business 

  • It creates a commercial point of difference which generates goodwill and loyalty amongst current customers;
  • Using Welsh and English together can give a competitive advantage to help attract new customers;
  • It improves the quality of your service;
  • It enhances public relations activities;
  • Your customers in Wales, whether they speak Welsh or not, support the use of the language and enjoy dealing with businesses which also make an effort to do so.

Welsh - An asset to companies’ image and public relations

  • Research shows that 84% of Welsh speakers favour those companies which respect the Welsh language.
  • Providing a bilingual service can gain the loyalty of customers who are searching for a product or service which is provided in their language of choice.
  • It is not only Welsh speakers who enjoy seeing and hearing the language - the majority of both non-Welsh speaking Welsh people and visitors enjoy it.

Welsh - The language of the customer

  • Offering a choice of language is good practice in the context of equality and customer care. It shows that businesses respect the customer’s language choices.
  • By making visual use of the language and exploiting the skills of their bilingual staff, companies can offer a better service to customers who prefer to speak in Welsh. 

Welsh - The language of business

  • The Welsh language is a medium for business and is a modern, viable language, which is flourishing in numerous aspects of life.
  • Welsh can be used visually, orally and internally in businesses and an increasing number of companies are using the language as they are aware that it is beneficial for their business.