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Learn Welsh / Dysgu Cymraeg

Thinking about learning Welsh? Thousands of adults across Wales are learning Welsh, why don’t you become one of them.

Being able to use Welsh is a fantastic advantage when looking for jobs and will help you stand out, particularly in the public sector organisations in Wales, who are committed to providing bilingual services. Welsh language skills are in demand! 

Research shows that employees with bilingual skills are more likely to earn a higher salary. Many job adverts specify Welsh as desirable or essential. Even a small knowledge of Welsh will help you understand names and greetings and pronunciation. 

It gives you the best of both worlds - It provides the opportunity to experience two different cultures, two worlds of experience.

It can help people to feel a sense of belonging to Wales. Radio Cymru, S4C and the Eisteddfod - as well as hosts of local and community events can be enjoyed without translation equipment and subtitles.

It keeps your mind fit - There are cognitive benefits to being bilingual – Studies show that those with bilingual skills are more creative, more mentally agile, better able to organise information, and solve problems. Bilingualism can make it easier to learn additional languages.

All children who go to school in Wales learn Welsh- by learning Welsh you can help your children.

Welsh is growing – it’s a language of the future! We are proud that a new Welsh medium education provision has opened in Flintshire.

Social reasons- it’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends and have fun.