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If you require reassurance to support independent living, you may consider help from the Carelink team. We install alarm systems or provide pendant alarms for your peace of mind in case you need emergency help. Your alert will be sent to the call handling centre who will be able to assist you and get any help you require.

Notice for current customers

All Carelink alarms need to be upgraded by 2025 in readiness for the digital switch over.

Our team has already started the upgrade process and we will be contacting all customers to arrange a visit to upgrade your alarm in the coming months.

If your phone line provider is completing a digital upgrade before you hear from us, please contact us and a member of the team will help you.

The role of Carelink

Your call will be answered at any time, day or night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you need help in an emergency, reassurance or advice, we are on hand to assist.

How does the alarm work?

If you need help in an emergency you can press the pendant/ wrist alarm worn round your neck / wrist or the big red button on the alarm unit itself.

Once you have activated the alarm, which is programmed to dial through to the Control Centre automatically, please wait for assistance and an operator will answer your call.

When the Operator has finished speaking, you can explain what the problem is and the Operator will arrange for the required assistance. Please do not worry if you cannot hear the Operator, or they cannot hear you, they are aware of your call and all your details are on screen. They will call one of your responders (keyholders) to visit you and find out if all is okay.

If the Operator cannot contact any of your emergency responders (key holders) they will contact the Emergency Services to attend your home to check on you.

When the call is finished, the Operator will close down the call so you do not need to do anything more.

Location of your installed alarm

We also ask that the alarm is kept plugged in and switched on at all times and is not moved from the site we install it, unless you contact us first – you can contact us on 01352 702280. This is important because if the alarm is moved and incorrectly connected back up, the alarm may not work if you press the button for help in an emergency.

Please note – when receiving a telephone call your alarm will sound simultaneously.

The installation process

Please note that our staff work in accordance with the Flintshire County Council Health and Safety Policy during the installation of your alarm equipment. If you have any concerns about the installation, please contact the Business Support Administrator on the details below.

Paying for the Service

Invoices will be sent to your home from our Finance Department AFTER your installation has taken place. 

Please note - our installation officers will not take cash payments.

Payments can be made using your customer number WD------ and invoice number:

  • Online at
  • By card over the telephone 01352 703607
  • By bank transfer to Flintshire County Council
    Sort Code: 54-10-10
    Account: 72521775

You can also set up a standing order with your bank using the details above.

Important Information

Testing the equipment

You should test your pendant/ wrist alarm at least once a month to ensure the pendant/ wrist alarm is working correctly. This is important because if it is not tested it may not work in an emergency when you need to use it to call for help.

You should test the pendant alarm by pressing the pendant/ wrist button, which will allow us to measure the strength of the pendant battery. When you have pressed the button, wait until an Operator answers and say that you are carrying out a test call.

If the battery signal is low we will arrange for one of our Installation Officers to visit you to replace the button. We would aim to schedule this visit within 2 working days unless you advise us of an alternative appointment time.

What if I press the alarm by accident?

Please do not worry, just tell the Operator that you are okay. We will be pleased to hear from you and will log the call as a test showing that your equipment is working properly. If you do press the button by mistake, please wait for the call to connect and please answer us. If you do not we will assume it is an emergency and you need help.

Confidentiality of information

We will only use your information for the provision of the service as advised in our Privacy Notice. Your information will be held and processed in accordance with the GDPR Act 2019.

Change in personal circumstances

If there is a change to any of the information we hold on you, e.g. emergency responders (keyholders), GP details, new code to key safe, a change in medical information etc., you must let us know immediately.

The way we ask you to do this is to press the pendant/ wrist button and the Operator will be able to amend your details immediately on screen to ensure a speedy response should help be required. Please also contact us on the details below.

If there is a change of service user e.g. customer no longer needs it, but partner would like to use the service, we need contacting as soon as possible with the new name, date of birth, medical conditions and confirmation that the listed responders (key holders), are the same.

Moving home

If you are moving and would like to have the pendant/ wrist alarm at your next home, you must call or email our Business Support Administrator with your new details. If it is a Carelink system you are able to unplug the equipment from your phone line and reconnect at your new property. Press the button to test. If it is not working or if you have a more complex system, please contact us and we will arrange for an Installation Officer to visit and install the alarm at your new address.

Absence from home

If you are going away, e.g. holiday, please call the Control Centre by pressing your pendant/ wrist or the button on the alarm unit and advise the Operator. Please note that when you return it is very important you let us know you are back at home.

Terminating your contract

If you wish to cancel your contract, you / your representative should notify our Business Support Administrator as soon as possible with the reason for cancellation.  All equipment must be disconnected and returned to your local connects office in Flintshire.  Any refund due will be processed once equipment is returned.

Do not take the pendant away from the property.

Safety Information

Reporting faults

If the equipment develops a fault, please report the problem to the alarm installation team email, or over the telephone. The Operator will attempt to resolve the problem over the telephone. If this is not possible, an Installation Officer will contact you to arrange an appointment to visit. If you lose your pendant/wrist strap alarm a charge of £45.00 will be payable for a replacement.

Wearing the pendant/wrist alarm

Please wear your pendant/wrist alarm at all times when at home, except when you are in bed; keep it within easy reach and put it on before you get up. The pendant/wrist alarm should be worn in the shower as it is waterproof.

Getting in touch

Carelink Application Form

If you have a question, query or complaint please contact us, or if you need this information in a different format, e.g. larger print, please contact us.

Business Support Administration

Telephone: 01352 702280

Available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Thursday


When the service is no longer required please take the equipment to your nearest Connects office in Flintshire.

Privacy Notice

Flintshire County Council will process your personal information for the purpose of fulfilling our contract with you, to manage your application and continued provision for a Carelink Alarm System. The sensitive personal information that you provide, will be used to enable relevant health and social care support to you within your home.

Your personal information will be passed to our data processor (Llesiant Delta Wellbeing, Unit 2 Dafen Industrial Estate, Heol Aur Dafen, Llanelli, South Wales SA14 8QN) who will provide the call monitoring service on our behalf.

Your personal information may be shared with the NHS, Police, or relevant third parties, if this is necessary as part of your contract to provide relevant support, or in an emergency.

Flintshire County Council will not share your information to any other parties or use it for any other purpose.

Your information will be retained for a period of 12 months following the termination/cessation of the service.

For more information on how Flintshire County Council processes information, please see our privacy notice on our website -