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Social Care Workforce Development

The workforce development team is responsible for providing support to managers and individual employees to train and develop the social care workforce in Flintshire.  This service supports local authority staff, independent social care providers and the voluntary sector by offering opportunities for training and development. The workforce development team aims to:

  • support managers to attract and retain a skilled, flexible and efficient workforce that is committed to the achievement of the Council's goals and to the enhancement of the quality and value of its services.
  • assist all those who work within the social care sector in Flintshire to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes required to provide a person centred, high quality, cost effective service for the service users.
  • provide expert information, advisory and consultancy services that promote and maintain good employment practice and good staff development practices.
  • support the development of a qualified social care workforce across the county.  
  • The team co-ordinates a Social Care Workforce Development Programme in partnership with all six North Wales local authorities. 

The annual programme is outlined in the Training Plan for 2023-24. 

Details of individual courses and dates are set out in the annual training directory.

To celebrate the achievements of individuals across the workforce, we hold award ceremonies.

The Flintshire Social Care Development Programme is funded by Flintshire County Council and a grant from Welsh Government.

For information on any course, please contact the Workforce Development Team on 01352 702591 or by email to