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North Wales Population Assessment



We are delighted to announce, that as of today, Friday April 1st, 2022, the North Wales Population Needs Assessment is published and available to view on the North Wales Collaborative Website or downloaded for your perusal. An EasyRead version has also been produced and all versions are available in both Welsh and English.

2022 Assessment

The North Wales Population Needs Assessment has been produced by the six North Wales councils and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board to show us how we can support people better and improve outcomes, together with what we may need to do for the future.

It gives us an insight into things such as how many care homes we may need or if we need more services to help young people. The Assessment also gives us a guide to what interventions work well and what we need to improve. 

To prepare the report we collected information and data, looked at statistics, spoke with our communities and made use of a wide range of information collated by local councils, health services, charities and other organisations that provide services. Even with Covid-19, the people of North Wales were still integral into the production of the Assessment by letting us know what was and is important to them.

Overall, the Population Needs Assessment serves us to see our strengths and weaknesses together with what resources are in place.  It also tells us how communities are, as well as how they may change in future and enable us to plan care and support services that meet their needs.

Undertaking the Population Needs Assessment gives us an insight into North Wales as a whole. There’s been an estimated increase of 8,500 people since the 2017 Population Needs Assessment and there’s a continuing trend for increasing numbers of older people who will need care and support to live well as they age.  It helps us plan for the future, and as changes occur, we will continually check and update our Assessment.  We believe that this will also give people more of a chance to have a say and get involved in planning and shaping services for many years to come.

For further information and to get involved, please contact: or click below to view the newly published Population Needs Assessment:

2022 Assessment