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It is hoped that these pages will bring together a range of information in to one place to signpost people to the right information and support.  The pages will continue to be updated as we learn more about local support.    

Contacting Flintshire Social Services 

Social Services – Contact Us 

Children's Social Services
County Offices, Chapel Street, Flint, CH6 5BD. 
Telephone: 01352 701000

Adult Social Services - Single Point of Access
Preswylfa, Hendy Road, Mold, CH7 1PZ.
Telephone: 03000 858858


Assessments for Autism


North Wales Integrated Autism Service 
The services provide adult autism diagnostic assessment (sometimes jointly with other services), support and advice for autistic adults, parents/ carers, and professionals.  Individuals can self-refer for an assessment 

IQ is not a consideration in Autism assessments. 


How to get diagnosed - NHS
Advice on the first steps to take if you think your child may have signs of Autism.

The Neurodevelopmental Team – Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
The neurodevelopmental team assesses children and young people where there are concerns regarding a possible neurodevelopmental condition, i.e. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  They investigate the impact that these may be having on a child/ young person’s ability to function in their everyday life and can offer specific support and advice to families. 


Autism Wales 
This website belongs to and is run by the National Autism Team, which is funded by Welsh Government.  It is one of the resources which helps the Team achieve their aim to improve the lives of autistic people in Wales.

There are also a wide range of free downloadable resources that have been developed with autistic people, parents/ carers and professionals from across Wales.

Neurodevelopmental Team – Advice and Support Pages
These pages of the BCUHB website provides information on a number of areas related to Neurodevelopmental Conditions.  This includes:

  • Language and communication
  • Managing change
  • Positive behaviour strategies
  • Sensory Sensitivities
  • And many more 

Neurodevelopmental Team – Useful Links
These pages include links to useful resources, videos and local services.

National Autistic Society Cymru
The National Autistic Society Cymru works with autistic people across Wales.  These pages contain advice, guidance and news specific to Wales.

Awtistig-DU CBC/Autistic UK CIC
An autistic-led organisation for autistic people and their families.

Other services and support can be found on DEWIS Cymru 


If you are looking after someone who is unable to look after themselves because of illness, disability or the effects of ageing and you are providing substantial unpaid care to that person, then you are a Carer.

Services to support you in your caring role include:

  • Providing advice and information
  • Directing you to voluntary organisations that provide grants and support for carers
  • Assistance with gardening, cleaning or purchase of equipment
  • Providing a break from caring
  • Re-assessing the support provided to the person you care for to ensure your own assessed needs are met

Whilst some services can be arranged directly with a voluntary organisation, many are provided following a Carer Needs Assessment which helps to identify what your needs are and what services can be provided to support you.

Carers Needs Assessments, information, one to one support, training, counselling and more to carers who provide unpaid support to family or friends living in North East Wales.

Carer Discounts
There are many offers, benefits and discounts available exclusively for carers and people with care needs.  Many attractions offer free entry for carers with the person they care for - including National Trust, Chester Zoo and the Cinema.  You will need to present proof of disability (DLA/PIP/Blue Badge) for the discount.

Essential Carer Guide
This document contains details of useful services and information on a Carer’s Assessments and how to access them.  

Policy and Legislation 

Welsh Government Autism Pages
Includes strategy, reports, projects and assessments., including:

National Autism Team (WLGA)
The National Autism Team is funded by the Welsh Government and hosted by the Welsh Local Government Association, working in partnership with Public Health Wales. The Team provides support and guidance to help improve the lives of autistic people, their families and carers across Wales. 


Autism Aware Certificate – Autism Wales
The scheme is aimed at everyone who wishes to gain a greater awareness and understanding of autism.