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Community support and health services

Accessible health and care services are crucial for older people to stay healthy, independent and active. Services need to be conveniently located to where people live and public transport routes.

Community Support and Health

What sort of projects might be relevant to this domain?

  • Help at home for people leaving hospital
  • Home visit services that  provide help to improve independence and wellbeing (e.g. community nurse, physiotherapy, befriending)
  • Community based centres that provide health and wellbeing services
  • Waiting rooms that accommodate people with different needs 
  • Easy-to-use booking processes for GPs and other health professionals

Case Study

Improving strength and balance and increasing community participation

The Covid Pandemic impacted older people’s ability to participate in their community and many have experienced a loss of confidence and a decline in physical and mental wellbeing (Older People’s Commissioner for Wales: Leave no-one behind).  

Keen to re-engage older people with their community and re-start community activities, one age-friendly group tried a number of activities to increase the confidence of the local older population to participate in the community. The group re-introduced the monthly coffee morning that had started up just before Covid, but attendance was low. Various taster activities were offered to try and generate more interest, but growth in numbers did not follow. That is until the group offered a music and movement taster session. Aura Leisure deliver music and movement sessions in Leisure Centres in Flintshire as part of the Falls Prevention programme to increase the strength and balance of people who have experienced a fall or are at risk of falling.  During the Pandemic sessions had been moved online with participants reporting that the sessions had provided a lifeline for maintaining their mental and physical wellbeing and the added benefit of social opportunities.  Aura Leisure was looking for opportunities to take sessions to local communities to improve access in rural areas. Whilst only a handful attended the first taster session at the coffee morning, feedback from participants was really positive and it was agreed to offer three sessions each month with the coffee morning taking place on the 4th week. News spread about the new exercise sessions and numbers have grown to between 18 and 20 each week. Participants range in age and ability, but all really benefit from the sessions knowing they can attend and do as much or as little as they feel able. As other community groups have restarted, there was a general consensus the monthly coffee morning was no longer needed and Aura’s Music and Movement sessions now take place weekly.

Additional domains

Social Participation

Social Participation

Respect and Social Inclusion

Respect and Social Inclusion