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Saltney Area Review

May 2014

Consultation relating to St Davids High School, Saltney and Saltney Ferry Primary School.

Saltney - Consultation Booklet
Saltney Consultation - Additional Information

Please note this consultation period has now ended.

Children & Young People

Flintshire County Council has to look to see if all of the schools and their resources are being used in the best way.

Saltney Ferry Primary School is open to pupils from ages 3-11. Nearly all of the pupils leaving the school at age 11 go on to study at St David's High School.

At the moment St David's High School is open to pupils aged between 11 and 18. It works with other local schools as part of a consortium to provide courses for pupils over the age of 16. As many schools are closing their Sixth Forms, St David's will not be able to provide enough courses on its own, so may have to close its Sixth Form in July 2016.

Options for Saltney Ferry Primary School

Options for St. David's High School

Please note this consultation period has now ended.