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John Summers High School Review

To change the age range of John Summers High School from 11-18 to 11-16 (from 31st August 2016) and to close John Summers High School 11-16 (from 31st August 2017)

DECISION ON PROPOSAL TO DISCONTINUE 11-16 PROVISION AND, IN EFFECT, CLOSE JOHN SUMMERS HIGH SCHOOL - If you require any further information please contact the School Modernisation Team by emailing

The Local Authority has received the final decision letter from the Welsh Government on the future of John Summers High School.  

Following consideration of the consultation document, consultation report, statutory objections, objection report and additional requested information the Welsh Government’s Cabinet Secretary has approved the statutory proposal to change the age range of the school from 11-18 to 11-16 from 31 August 2016, with post 16 provision transferring to the new Deeside post 16 centre from September 2016. The 11-16 school will close on 31 August 2017 under the proposal. 

Transition plans have been developed in partnership with local schools to support all learners, but particularly vulnerable learners and students in exam years.  Arrangements are in hand for local authority officers to support members of the school community in implementing the decision.

The Local Authority will now be communicating with parents, carers and other interested parties. Local Authority officers will also be meeting with staff on their return and Governors.

Most importantly, the Local Authority will be continuing to encourage and affirm the work of the school’s leadership in their day to day support for learners.

Proposal to make regulated alterations to John Summers High School, Queensferry - Ministerial Determination outcome letter.

Objection Report

Statutory Notice - The objection period has now ended.

Consultation Report

Further Correspondence From Assembly Member

Presentation from Parents/Carer Consultation Meeting - Thursday 25th June 2016

John Summers High School Consultation Meeting Timetable

Formal Consultation Document

Young Peoples Consultation Document

Supplementary Information John Summers High School Consultation Document

John Summers High School Proposal - Questions & Answers

You can see how the proposed changes would affect the Equality and the Welsh language in the Equality & Welsh Language Impact Assessment .