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Additional Funded Support Grant and Equipment / Resources / Training Grant 2022 - 2023

The purpose of these grants is to enable children with Additional Support Needs to access and participate fully in childcare. The applications must be submitted by the childcare provider.

These grants will support the childcare and play needs of children and young people aged 0-18 years.  
Applications must be supported by a health, social care, childcare or educational professional/practitioner who understands and identifies the child’s need. If no supporting statement is available please contact a member of our team on 01352 703509 / 703504 to request a visit from our Childcare Brokerage Officer to assess the needs of the child.
Payment can start from the date the grant is approved. Limited funds are available therefore we may not be able to fund all requests.

Funding can be used for the following:

1. Funding an Additional Playworker to provide 1:1 support for the child – some children may require additional support from a member of staff for part or all of the time that they are with their childcare provider.

The maximum grant is £10 per hour. Any additional cost must be met by the childcare provider. Payment will be made directly to the childcare provider on a termly basis.
The Childcare Development Team will be carrying out random termly monitoring of the grant to collect feedback regarding your experience of the grant.  However, if in the meantime circumstances change and you believe you no longer require the grant please contact us on 01352 703509 / 703504 or at 

Please apply for the Additional funded Support grant here

2. Equipment / Resources
– some children with Additional Support Needs may require additional equipment / resources to enable them to participate fully in your childcare setting. This will vary depending on the child’s needs, but could include additional learning materials or specialist play equipment.

Photographic proof that you have received all items will be requested within 4 weeks of payment of the grant along with copies of all receipts.

Please apply for the Equipment / Resources Grant here

3. Training for childcare providers
– This may include training on specific medical/healthcare needs or more general training that is directly linked to the provision of care for a specific child with additional support needs. To discuss any training requests please contact our Childcare Development Team on 01352 703509 / 703504  

For further support with any grant application please contact us on 01352 703509 / 703504 or at