Civil Partnerships

Same sex couples wishing to formalise their relationship may do so by registering as a civil partnership.

In Flintshire a civil partnership can only be registered by a Registrar appointed by the county council.  Registrations may only take place in the Register Office or at approved premises licensed by the County Council.  There is no legal religious alternative.

The registration of your civil partnership is special to you and we have provided a range of choices for you whether you choose registration or a registration and ceremony.

If you wish to register your Civil Partnership in England or Wales, you may do so by signing the Civil Partnership Schedule in the Register Office or by including the signing in a ceremony at the Register Office or at an Approved Premises.

There is no requirement to have a formal ceremony - the registration can be as simple as appearing at a Registrar's office with two witnesses, and signing the official documentation.

If you choose a civil partnership ceremony in Flintshire you can enhance it with a range of readings and music to make your ceremony unique and personal.  You can also include the exchange of rings or gifts as part of your ceremony.  We can offer you an English, Welsh or bilingual ceremony.

You will have an opportunity to visit the Civil Partnership Registrar to discuss your special day.

Llwynegrin Hall Ceremony Room, The Register Office, Mold.

Llwynegrin Hall Ceremony Room / Ystafell Seremonïau Neuadd Llwynegrin

Preliminary arrangements

Your registration / ceremony can take place at any Register Office or Approved Premises in England or Wales, irrespective of where you live.

Notice of civil partnership must be given in the local Register Office where you live.

As soon as you've decided when and where you wish to register your partnership, if you live in Flintshire, you should contact the Flintshire Register Office to arrange for you and your partner to give Notice.  You must reside in the district for at least 7 days before giving Notice.  If you live in different districts, each of you will have to give Notice in your own district.  Your Civil Partnership may be registered within 12 months of giving notice after a clear period of 28 days has elapsed / 16 days for notices given before 2 March 2015.

Documents needed for giving Notice:

• Proof of identity and nationality (preferably your passport).  If you do not have a current valid passport, you should produce your birth certificate.  Since 1 January 1983 your nationality is dependent on the nationality of your parents.  If you were born before that date, you should produce your passport or birth certificate.  If you were born after that date you should produce your passport or full birth certificate together with evidence of the nationality of one of your parents (their birth certificate or passport)
• Proof of address
• If you are divorced or have had a previous civil partnership dissolved, your Decree Absolute or Final Order of Civil Partnership Dissolution bearing the court\'s original stamp
• If you are a surviving civil partner or a widow or widower, the Death Certificate of your former spouse or civil partner
• If you have formally changed your name, your Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration document
• If you are non British and subject to immigration controls you will both need to give your notice of marriage at a Designated Register Office.  Contact the Flintshire Register Office for further information
• The current fee.

You must be at least 16 years of age and if you are under 18 years of age, you will need the consent of your parent(s) or guardian before you can register your Civil Partnership.

Do we have to be resident in the area to have a civil wedding/partnership in Flintshire?

Providing both of you are 16 years of age or over and are otherwise not prevented from entering a civil partnership, anyone can arrange to have their ceremony in Flintshire, which includes residents from the rest of the United Kingdom and residents from overseas providing the residential qualifications are met.

What will be the cost?

Civil Partnership fees vary depending on the service provided, location of the ceremony and whether weekday, weekend or Bank Holiday.  For further information please contact the Flintshire Register Office on 01352 703333 or see our list of fees. 

Where can a civil partnership be registered?

Your civil partnership can take place at any Register Office or Approved Premises in England or Wales, irrespective of where you live. 

Are we required to have a ceremony?

A ceremony is the ideal way to celebrate your commitment to one another, and to celebrate the partnership with family and friends.  Your ceremony is unique and personal to you.  We can offer you an English, Welsh or bilingual ceremony, which you will be able to enhance with a range of readings and music.

It is not essential to have a ceremony, however it is still necessary to have two witnesses present when the documentation is signed in the presence of the Registrar.

Can we exchange rings at the ceremony?

Yes, exchange of rings or gifts can be incorporated as part of the ceremony if you wish.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long does the ceremony take?

Ceremonies usually take around half an hour, depending on whether you include readings or poems to enhance your ceremony.  Please contact the Registrar for further details

Can guests throw rice or confetti?

You may throw confetti outside of the Register Office.  If you having your ceremony at an approved venue then you will need to discuss this with the manager of the venue. 

What documents will we receive after the civil partnership ceremony?

After the civil partnership has been registered, the registrar may issue a certificate of civil partnership for a fee.  Further copies can be purchased at a later date.  For further guidance and information please contact the Flintshire Register Office on 01352 703333 or email