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The birth of a child is a big event for a family and registering the birth is very important.  The registration of a birth in England and Wales is free of charge and must be completed within 42 days.   

What do I need to do first?

If your baby was born in Flintshire, you will need to contact the Register Office on 01352 703333 or email to make an appointment to register the birth.    

Who can register a birth?

Either parent provided they were married/civil partners at the date of the child's birth.

Where the parents of a child were not married/civil partners on the date of the child's birth, both parents will need to attend the registration together for both parent’s details to be included in the birth register and on the birth certificate.

If the mother is not married to the baby's father and registers the birth alone, the father's details are not entered in the register.  It may be possible at a later date to make a new entry in the register to include the father's details and if you wish, have the child's surname changed to the father's surname. 

What happens when I see the Registrar?

The Registrar will ask you to confirm the following information:

• Place and date of birth of the child
• Full name/s of the child/children
• Full names of the parents
• Address and occupation of parents
• Date and place of birth of parents
• If the parents are married/civil partners - the date of marriage/civil partnership and the mother's maiden name. 

Naming your baby

All the details recorded will be as at the day the child was born.  You will be asked "What are the full names and surname in which your child will be brought up?"

The surname given at this time cannot be changed on the birth certificate other than by re-registration or adoption.  Where the parents are not married/civil partners at the time of the birth and later marry each other, they are required by law to legitimise the child by applying for a re-registration.  The child’s surname may be changed or remain the same at re-registration.

You will be asked to check the information recorded very carefully.  It is important that the information recorded is accurate, as the correction of errors discovered after the registration will cause inconvenience and delay in receiving a corrected certificate.

The Registrar will then give you a free short birth certificate which states the date, place of birth and the child’s full name. This certificate is adequate for claiming Child Benefit but not to apply for a passport or other purposes. 

Do I have to pay a fee?

No.  The birth registration service is free of charge but there is a statutory fee of £11.00 for each copy of the birth certificate.

Do I need further copies of the birth certificate?

A full birth certificate (which shows child and parents information) is required when applying for a passport for your child and you can buy copies from the Registrar when you register.  Further copies may be purchased later.  Fees. 

I want to register the birth but the birth occurred outside Flintshire?

You need to contact the Register Office in the district where your baby was born.

Parental responsibility

Unmarried fathers/parents may automatically obtain equal parental responsibility for their child if they attend with the mother to register the birth and their details are recorded in the birth entry.  If an unmarried father/parent is unable to attend in person with the mother then his/her details can be recorded in the birth entry by statutory declaration acknowledging paternity.  If parents are unsure please ask to speak to registration staff when an appointment is made. 

Re-registration following parents marriage/civil partnership

Where the parents are not married/civil partners at the time of the birth and later marry each other, the parents are required by law to legitimise the child by applying for a re-registration.  It is in the child's interest that his/her entry of birth is updated to reflect this.  You can get an application form to re-register a birth from any Register Office.  Please telephone 01352 703333 or email for further information or to book an appointment. 

Naming Ceremony

You will also be given a copy of our "Naming Ceremony" leaflet.  Naming ceremonies are special non-religious celebrations that allow parents, and their friends and relatives, to welcome the new baby or child into the family.  For further details telephone 01352 703333 or email