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Domestic Oil Tanks

Domestic Oil Tanks – What to do if there’s a leak or a spill

If you or someone you know has an oil tank to supply oil-fired central heating, this booklet could help to avoid the considerable cost, inconvenience and risks to your health and the environment which are caused when heating oil leaks or is spilled from the storage tank or its network of pipes.

This booklet explains the things that can be done to prevent accidents such as leaks and spills, who to contact for advice and the steps that should be taken if an accident does happen.

Oil is toxic and can cause harm to your health and your family’s health, plants, animals, wildlife and the environment.

Oil can travel a long way in the ground and in water and can easily contaminate underground water reserves by soaking deep into the ground. It can eat through water supply pipes and contaminate drinking water supplies.

If an accident does happen, your local Council and Natural Resources Wales can offer you advice.

Regularly check your tank and pipework for leaks and to monitor the amount of oil that you use. An increase in the amount of oil you use or a sudden decrease in the amount of oil in your tank could mean that there is a leak.

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