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Food safety

Functions include: E.C. approval of food premises, food hygiene inspections, food and hygiene complaints, food poisoning and infectious disease control, food examination, export certification and food contamination, food hazard warnings, food sampling, general information and advisory service, port health duties, registration of food premises.

Hygiene audits are undertaken in food premises in both the public and private sector, i.e. manufacturers, wholesale and retail premises, hotels, schools, hospitals, canteens, markets, etc., to ensure maintenance of proper standards and compliance with the appropriate Regulations.  E.C. Approved premises including ice-cream and milk pasteurisation plants are monitored, together with sampling and enforcement of the relevant legislation.  Investigation of all outbreaks and sporadic cases of food poisoning and certain infectious diseases.  Advice is also given on prevention to minimise the spread of infectious diseases.

For general food enquiries and complaints, please contact:

Environment & Resources Division
Environment Directorate
Flintshire County Council
County Hall

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