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The Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations SI 2005 No.1515 (available at) (new window)

It is the intention of the Re-use statutory instrument to encourage the use of public sector information, stimulating the development of innovative information related products. The regulation provides a consistent framework for access to public sector information

Access to information does not automatically confer the right to re-use it. Information may still be covered by copyright and a licence may be required to re-use it. For information to be available for re-use it must be possible to obtain access to it, through legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act or The Environmental information Act or it must already be readily available.

In accordance with the principles of the statutory instrument it is the aim of Flintshire County Council to:

  1. Identify the main classes of information which are readily available for re-use
  2. Clarify any charges that are to be made for re-use (a full explanation of the basis of the charge is available if required)
  3. Treat all applications in a fair, consistent and non-discriminatory way and consider the needs of users with disabilities
  4. Process all applications for re-use in a timely, open and transparent manner
  5. Provide a quick and easily accessible complaints procedure

Applications for Re-use

  1. If you wish to re-use information please contact, The Records Manager, Flintshire County Council, County Hall, Mold, Flintshire CH7 6NB, or
  2. Applications should be in writing and will be accepted via e-mail, fax or letter.
  3. Please confirm your name, address, how you wish to re-use it and what the intended audience will be so that your request may be considered.
  4. The Records Manager will contact the appropriate officers and respond within 20 working days, if the request relates to education information the response may take 20 term-time days.
  5. Where appropriate a licence to re-use the information (valid for 5 years) will be issued and where appropriate standard cost will be applied, currently the marginal cost has been set at £50

Information Asset Register

An information asset register is a list of the main classes of information which are available for re-use and will contain data such as: author; content; format; publisher. A Flintshire County Council Information Asset Register is currently in development. The Flintshire County Publication Scheme is list of the information which is already published and available. Other information may be obtained by applying under the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Act [this does not give you the right to re-use the information] and separate charges may apply.

Flintshire County Councils' Guide to Information

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