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Risk Management Framework

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Risk management is the process of identifying risks, evaluating the potential impact, and mitigating them. The aim is to minimise the severity of their impact and likelihood of occurring where possible. Risk management is invaluable to the Council and should form part of the day-to-day managing of a service. 

Effective risk management is essential for both an organisation and its partners to achieve strategic objectives and improve outcomes for local people. The Council promotes the principles of effective risk management throughout the organisation and with its partner organisations. It is committed to the proactive management of key external and internal risks. Effective partnership risk management allows the Council to demonstrate a positive risk culture and improved outcomes, whilst improving its ability to deliver innovative and challenging projects.

The Council’s Risk Management Framework seeks to apply best practice to the identification, assessment and control of key risks, through:

  • Adoption of an effective and transparent corporate approach to proactive Risk Management by the Council and the work of key external partners;
  • Integration of risk management into the operational and management practices and procedures of the Council to promote a culture of risk awareness; and
  • Provision of information to support the Council’s Annual Governance Statement (AGS), relating to the effectiveness of the arrangements for risk management and internal control mechanisms in place.
Risk Management Framework

Download the Risk Management Framework

You can download the Risk Management Framework 2023 below.

Download the Risk Management Framework 2023