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Corporate Self-assessment

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The Local Government and Elections Act (Wales) 2021 sets out a duty to report on performance and states ‘A council must produce a self-assessment report in respect of each financial year. The report must set out its conclusions on the extent to which it met the performance requirements during that year, and any actions it intends to take, or has already taken, to increase the extent to which it is meeting the performance requirements.’ This document aims to achieve the duty set out above for the act and for the use by the Council.

The Corporate Self-assessment is a comprehensive assessment of the corporate organisation and not a detailed assessment of the performance of each service portfolio, the assessment themes are designed in this way.

The self-assessment is meant to provide a platform for assurance and self-improvement and would lead to an improvement plan for the organisation.

Corporate Self Assessment 2022-23

Download the Corporate Self-assessment

You can download the Corporate Self-assessment for 2022-23 below.

Download the Corporate Self-assessment 2022-23