Councillor Allowances

Councillors receive a basic annual allowance or salary, paid in monthly instalments, which is subject to tax and National Insurance contributions.

This salary is designed to contribute to the costs that arise in carrying out council business, such as using their home and phone, and travel expenses.  It is not intended to recompense councillors for all the time they dedicate to council business.

How much do councillors receive?

The amount payable to councillors each year is decided by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales.
We also pay an additional senior salary to some councillors who are cabinet members or committee chairs, (up to 18 members of the Council) or who have special, civic responsibilities (the chair and Vice-chair of Council).

Schedule of Member Remuneration for the Financial Year 2020/2021

Schedule of Member Remuneration for the Financial Year 2019/2020

Schedule of Member Remuneration for the Financial Year 2018/2019

Co-opted members

Some of our members are not councillors, but co-opted or ‘lay’ members. They are on the Audit committee (one co-opted member) Education & Youth Overview & Scrutiny committee (up to five co-opted members) and the Standards committee 9 six co-opted members). These members are not paid a salary are a paid an allowance for each meeting which they attend.

For full details of councillors’ allowances over the last few years, please see the statements below: