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Council Plan and Well-being Objectives


“Despite increasing financial pressures, the Council has continued to improve performance within its priority areas and to strengthen its corporate arrangements.” Wales Audit Office Annual Improvement Report – Issued: June 2016 

Council Plan

New refreshed Council Plan 2017-23

The Improvement Priorities for the Council have been reviewed and republished.  The Priorities have been streamlined and reset; we are clearer on the impacts we want to make and how we will go about achieving them.

The Council Plan sets out the full list of the Council's six priorities for the period 2017-23 and on individual pages the detailed sub-priorities for significant action during 2018-19.  These are the sub priorities where we will make a bigger impact this year.  All of our priorities remain important but in any one year a number of them will stand out for special attention.

We hope that you find the Plan both informative and uplifting.  Your feedback on the Plan itself and on what we aim to achieve is welcomed.

Council Plan 2018-23

Please contact us on Tel: 01352 702744 or email: corporatebusiness@flintshire.gov.uk

The publication fulfils in part the statutory requirements to publish an annual Council Plan as part of the Local Government (Wales) Measure (2009).


Well-being Objectives

Each year we set our areas for improvement. These are based on areas of unmet need and where we can work with others to improve quality of life for our residents.  The Council’s Well-being Objectives are available below:

Well-being Objectives 2017

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