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Chairman of the Council

The Chairman is the ceremonial civic head of the Council.  The Chairman must be a serving County Councillor, but should remain politically impartial in the discharge of their role.  A Chairman must not be a member of the Executive.

The Chairman is elected at the Annual Meeting of the Council which is held in May each year.

The role can be very demanding and the Chairman normally attends in excess of 400 - 500 events in the year.

The Chairman for 2022/23 is Councillor Mared Eastwood
Councillor Mared Eastwood Pen Picture.

Councillor Eastwood's consort will be her husband Mr Tim Eastwood.  The Chairman has a key role in the Council including:-

  • being the politically impartial civic leader of Flintshire and to uphold the democratic values of the Council
  • promoting the objectives and services of the County Council and raising the profile of Flintshire itself
  • acting as an ambassador for the County Council and Flintshire
  • fostering community identity and pride
  • recognition of individuals and organisations who have brought success to the County

The Chairman has other responsibilities such as:-

  • presiding over meetings of the Council to ensure they are conducted efficiently and with regard to the rights of Councillors and the interests of the community
  • attending Civic and Ceremonial events
  • inviting individuals and representatives of organisations to events at County Hall and other venues

At the beginning of the year the Chairman may nominate a charity or charities to benefit from funds raised during the year of office.  The Chairman's chosen charities this year are -

  • Flintshire Foodbank
  • Nanny Biscuit
  • The Fostering Network

The Vice Chairman for 2022/23 is Councillor Gladys Healey
Councillor Gladys Healey Pen Picture.

Cllr Healey's Consort will be her husband Cllr Dave Healey.

The Chairman welcomes School Council groups, Charitable groups etc to visit him / her at County Hall in Mold. Guests will be invited into the Chairman's lounge and can have a tour of the Chambers. The Chairman would also be delighted to visit residents of Flintshire who are celebrating 100th birthdays, milestone anniversaries or attend openings of events, businessses and Charitable occasions.

If you wish to invite the Chairman to attend an event you have organised please contact:-  

Mrs. Karen Jones / Mrs. Lesley Wood    
Civic & Members' Services Officer
Civic & Members' Services
Flintshire County Council, County Hall,
Mold, Flintshire, CH7 6NB.  

Telephone No: 01352 702151 
Or you can complete the attached proforma and return to the above address.

The 20225/2023 outgoing Chairman Cllr. Joe Johnson raised over £8,000 which was donated to his nominated Charities:
  • Nightingale House Hospice
  • Hope House Children's Hospices