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Political Composition and access to Council meetings

We have 70 Councillors elected to represent 57 electoral divisions (wards).  Councillors are chosen by local people in elections which take place every four years.

Councillors are responsible for making sure that the services the Council provides meet the needs of the residents and those who work in the county.  They do this by setting the overall policies and strategies for the Council and by monitoring the way in which these are implemented.

The full Council of 70 Councillors is responsible for agreeing the main policies and priorities, including the Council budget. 

Councillors have a duty to the whole county, but they have a special duty to the people who live in the ward they were elected to represent, including the people who did not vote for them.

The current political make-up of the Council is:

  • Labour: 34
  • Independent alliance: 10
  • Conservatives: 7
  • Liberal Democrats: 6
  • New Independents: 6
  • Independents: 6
  • Vacancy: 1

Public Access to Meetings

Meetings of the Council, Cabinet and Committees are open to the public except where exempt or confidential matters are being discussed.  Prior to each meeting the papers are made available on our website and you can view them, subject to them being public documents. 

Alternatively, you access our Agendas, Reports and Minutes page for our Calendar of Meetings to view the schedule of forthcoming meetings.  By clicking on the hyperlinks you will also be directed to the paperwork and associated information for that Committee.