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£150 payment towards energy costs

Published: 19/04/2022

Money Fotolia_40586732_XS[1].jpgWelsh Government recently announced a £150 payment scheme to help with energy costs for households whose homes are in council tax bands A-D along with households in council tax bands A-I that receive Council Tax Reduction (formerly known as council tax benefit). The Council is now working in partnership with Welsh Government to administer this scheme.

The £150 will be a direct payment to households and is not a rebate on council tax bills. There will be one payment for each eligible household. Empty properties and second homes are not eligible for a payment, only properties that were occupied on 15th February 2022. Residents who pay their council tax by direct debit should automatically receive the £150 paid directly into their bank account by Wednesday 27th April.  

Households in the qualifying property bands but who don’t pay their council tax by direct debit, or have no council tax to pay, will also receive a letter from the Council with details of how they can register for the £150 payment. We expect households will start to receive letters from 27 April. 

David Barnes, Revenues Manager for Flintshire County Council said 

“We are working to ensure the £150 payments are credited to bank accounts as soon as possible. Most households will receive their payment automatically where we already hold bank details, but where we don’t hold these details, we will be writing to eligible households to register for this payment by asking residents to use a secure and simple on-line registration form. 

“Households need to be data security conscious and we are urging households to be mindful of emails, texts or unexpected phone calls from suspicious sources offering information on the scheme, as this could from someone who is trying to steal personal information, including bank account details. If households have any questions, residents can always contact the Council on 01352 704848.”