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Working with providers to establish fair fees

Published: 08/04/2022

Flintshire is one of the lowest funded Councils in Wales, so making the most of local resources in important to us. 

We understand the challenges faced by the sector and continue to work in partnership with Welsh Government and Social Care Wales, taking steps to improve the wider terms and conditions for the direct work force as well as setting out what good practice looks like in social care. 

Flintshire is leading member of the North Wales work on fees, working alongside Care Forum Wales and provider representative.  As part of this work, we openly engage with care home providers who are facing challenging times and ensure that the support offered to them ensures their sustainability.

By working collaboratively with domiciliary care providers, the Council creates fair care fees which reflect the challenges that care providers face at this difficult time.

Nicky Hopwood Clarke, Director of Premier Care Plus, said:

“Putting clients first is always our priority and Flintshire County Council has shown a willingness to work with us, to allow flexibility and innovation, which despite the challenging financial times we all face has allowed us to do this. It does feel like the industry is on a ‘knife edge’ financially and we all must do what we can with what we have. It is vital that the income we receive allows us to reward our staff, to train them and to support them to offer a safe and dignified service to our clients.

“I acknowledge it is not just about the finances. In order to achieve our goals, it is vital that providers have a good working relationship with the commissioners.  The team at Flintshire County Council goes the extra mile and in that respect I would like you to pass on my thanks and praise to them all.”

Flintshire also recognises the challenges faced by care providers across the sector and works creatively with partners to deliver innovative care for the residents of Flintshire.  We are committed to working with our care providers to ensure fair fees for a sustainable care sector. 

In the Council’s most recent CIW (Care Inspectorate Wales) Assurance Check (2021) the regulator commented that care “providers spoke positively of the support they had received from the local authority during the pandemic. They valued the level of communication and the quality of the advice and support received.”  CIW also received positive regard for the support care providers receive when they are dealing with safeguarding concerns, “Providers felt supported by the safeguarding team, their willingness to offer advice and guidance was appreciated.