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Changes at Flintshire’s Household Recycling Centres

Published: 30/03/2022

From 4 April, changes are being introduced at Flintshire’s Household Recycling Centres (HRCs).  

We will be introducing a booking system for difficult materials and hazardous waste streams (asbestos and mattresses) and revising our vehicle permit criteria for certain vehicle types.

We are doing this to ensure the ongoing safety of our staff and residents and to ensure that skip capacity across all sites is efficient.  Our recycling centres are for the use of Flintshire residents to dispose of domestic household waste and recycling only.  We've introduced changes to the permit system to ensure that businesses are not using the recycling centres illegally to dispose of commercial waste. 

The main changes are detailed below:

  • Measures will be introduced at entrances to better control access to the HRCs, safely control traffic flow and prevent unapproved vehicles from entering sites. 
  • All trailers (within the permitted size limits) will need a permit to enter.
  • Permits issued will be for a specific HRC, local to the applicant’s address.
  • Bookings in advance will be required for mattresses and asbestos to ensure container availability when residents arrive on site.
  • Trailers will not be allowed access if towed by a vehicle requiring a permit.
  • A one-off permit will be available online through an e-form for those vehicles that are registered to a business to be allowed access to deliver waste if it is clear that the waste has not been produced by that company or comes from the activities of that business (for example, allow a vehicle registered to a plumber to dispose of garden waste).  The one-off permit must be approved in advance of the proposed visit. 

Vehicles that will need to apply for a 12-month permit are summarised below:

  • All trailers (single and twin axle) and trailer length restricted to 6ft (1.83 metres) 
  • Pick-ups (all models)
  • Car derived van
  • Small van
  • Medium van (standard or low roof elevation below 7ft (2.14 metres)
  • Minibus (with internal fixtures intact)
  • Camper vans & motor homes (with internal fittings intact and below 7ft (2.14 metres)

Bookings for asbestos and mattresses can now be made for any items that require disposal from 4 April 2022.  Advance bookings must be made 48 hours before disposal is required. There will be restrictions on the number of bookings made per year and the number of items that can be disposed of at any one time.  

For more information about how to apply for a permit, further details on what vehicles are eligible, or more information on the booking system please visit:

If you are having difficulties accessing the information online, please email or call 01352 701234 for help and advice.