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Welcome to your vote!

Published: 10/03/2022

WTYV_May2022_twitter_posts_ForeignNational_2.jpgThursday 10 March 2022 is “Welcome to your vote” day - raising awareness amongst foreign citizens about their right to vote in the upcoming council elections in Wales.

We all want to see positive change in Wales. But, for democracy to work for everyone, we need everyone in Wales to get involved.

That’s why we’re joining other councils in calling for foreign nationals across Wales to engage with democracy and have their voices heard. 

Flintshire’s Returning Officer, Neal Cockerton, said:

“More people in Wales can vote than ever before, including qualifying foreign residents in Wales.  If you are eligible, you can now have your say on what happens in Wales in the future by getting involved and using your vote. 

“Democracy impacts everything around you. So, whatever you’re passionate about, voting in the next local council elections is a great way to get involved.” 

In order to have your say, and make your voice heard, you need to register to vote.  You can register online by visiting  It only takes five minutes, and all you need is your national insurance number and date of birth. The deadline for registering to vote in the 2022 local government election is 14 April 2022.

If you're unable to register online, you can register by post. Download a form at  

If you don’t have a National Insurance Number, you need to state this on your registration application then continue to submit it. Your Electoral Registration Officer will then contact you to ask you to provide documentary evidence to prove your identity.

For more information, please see the Electoral Commission’s frequently asked questions which can be accessed from this link: