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Flintshire celebrates International Women’s Day 

Published: 08/03/2022

International Women's Day (1 of 2) small.jpgFlintshire County Council is marking this year’s International Women’s Day by celebrating with their women councillors.

In Wales, women make up only 28% of local councillors in Wales following the last local elections in 2017. (Source  There is no local authority in Wales in which both sexes are equally represented. More often, women make up between 20 and 30% and sometimes less.  In Flintshire, we currently have 17 women councillors out of 70 which equates to just over 24%.  

The general image of local government in Wales is of white men over the age of 60.  No council in Wales has ever achieved gender parity.  In Flintshire, the situation is better than other councils, but we want to encourage more women to become councillors at the next local elections in May.

Flintshire’s Returning Officer, Neal Cockerton, said:

“All new councillors’ ideas and enthusiasm can enhance and strengthen our Council.  All councillors receive support from the Council.  We run an orientation programme for new members to show you where and who everyone is, followed by an induction programme to help you understand your role, council procedures and the practical skills you need.  

“As well as receiving a basic salary, we offer additional support if you have a young family or caring responsibilities – including additional financial support and flexible working arrangements.”

For more information, visit to find out about being a councillor and where you can hear from people who are already councillors - ordinary people doing extraordinary things.