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Establishment of Alternative Delivery Models for Leisure

Published: 14/12/2016

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet has considered a report that recommends the establishment of three Alternative Delivery Methods (ADMs) for services. The first ADM is a Community Benefit Society to deliver leisure and library services from 1 July 2017, the second is a Local Authority Trading Company that can trade for external contracts to deliver catering and cleaning Services from 1 April 2017, and finally a proposal to contract with an organisation with social values to deliver day care and work opportunities for people with a learning disability in social care from 1 April 2017. As well as protecting services and saving jobs, the work on implementation plans by each of these services has identified real benefits and improvements in service delivery. In Leisure and Libraries, the proposals demonstrate that, as well as making a saving of over £400,000 in the first year without significant impact on service delivery or jobs, the service and Council can invest in the region of £1m in improving leisure centre and library buildings. This proposal, which is that staff will be owners of the new company, is subject to a staff vote on 15 December. The Local Authority Trading Company for Catering and Cleaning Services shows that, as well as making a saving of over £100,000 in the first year, new cleaning contracts can be operated and there is an increase in take-up of school meals in both primary and secondary schools. Having freedom to contract with external organisations to deliver catering and cleaning increases income projections and supports the development of the business in future years. The proposed new contract for an organisation with social values to deliver learning disability day care and work opportunities identifies potential savings in the first year of delivery. It also identifies an improved service for users who would receive both support into a wider range of work opportunities and day care provision in a joined-up approach. The report outlines that a capital project is now considered feasible for the replacement of the Glanrafon day care centre which would make a significant improvement in the quality of service delivery for day care users. The final recommendation for this contract will be presented to Cabinet in January. The Leader of the Council, Councillor Aaron Shotton, said: “The establishment of these organisations will be a significant milestone. The detailed work undertaken by staff in these services shows that, not only do these proposals ensure such critical services can still be delivered to the public, but that significant improvements can be achieved both in the quality of service for users and to the buildings where these services are delivered. I particularly welcome the potential for further investment in leisure provision and the Councils continued commitment to providing learning disability day care.”