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Fair Campaign Pledge

Published: 17/02/2022

All candidates standing in local government elections in May will be asked to make a Fair Campaign Pledge if proposals at the next full Council meeting on 24 February, 2022 are approved. 

The Council’s Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Ian Roberts, said:

“We all have the right to carry out our civic duties without fear of being abused.  I am proud to be one of 22 Council Leaders in Wales standing together to call for an end to abuse, intimidation and harassment of any kind. 

"I am calling on all elected Members and new candidates in the run up to the local government elections in May to commit to a fair and respectful election campaign.

"Politics should focus on facts and respectful debate about difference of policy or priority.  Local elections are about people who want to contribute and who want to make a positive difference in our communities.

"Sadly, on the run up to the local government elections we see an increase in unacceptable behavior which undermines democratic engagement and debate.  I am asking everyone involved in May’s election to pledge to participate in a fair election campaign which is based on positive campaigning and merit, rather than personal attacks and smears and against individuals."

The joint statement on behalf of Council Leaders in Wales has been issued by the Welsh Local Government Association’s Executive Board who ask for everyone to be kind and fair in all that they say and do.