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North Wales Population Needs Assessment and Market Stability Report

Published: 13/01/2022

Flintshire Cabinet’s support will be sought for the North Wales Population Needs Assessment and a Market Stability Report when it meets later this month.

The North Wales Population Needs Assessment 2022 is a statutory requirement and is an assessment of the care and support needs of the population and the support needs of carers throughout North Wales.

The development of the document is led by the North Wales Social Care and Wellbeing

Services Improvement Collaborative, with information from the six North Wales councils and the health board, supported by Public Health Wales.  It must be approved by all partners and published by 1 April 2022.

In June 2022, a Market Stability Report must also be published. This document follows on from the Population Needs Assessment and provides an assessment of the sufficiency of care and support in meeting the needs and demand for social care, as set out in the population needs assessment, and the stability of the market for regulated services providing care and support.

Together the two documents should provide those commissioning care and support, at the regional and local level, with a comprehensive picture of current and projected demand and supply.

Flintshire’s Deputy Leader (Partnerships) and Cabinet Member for Social Services, Councillor Christine Jones, said:

“The population assessment report was engagement led. The key issues and themes identified are based on feedback from staff, partner organisations, service users and the general public to identify strategic needs for care and support. 

“Flintshire Social Services contributed to the regional document by providing a comprehensive outline of the services available to each population group in Flintshire. Local feedback has also been submitted from senior colleagues, staff teams and individuals on what is working well, as well as areas for improvement.” 

The next phase of the project will involve using the population assessment to develop an area plan for the region which is to be developed and published in 2023.