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Cashless payment for parking to be introduced

Published: 09/12/2021

Parking small.jpgSince the introduction of car parking charges, the only method of payment for parking in Flintshire has been at a pay and display machine using coins. 

To improve the customer experience, the Council wants to introduce a cashless payment solution as an additional option to the pay and display machines and to complement the existing cash payment method.

Cabinet members will be asked to support this when they meet on Tuesday 14 December.

Flintshire’s Cabinet Member for Streetscene, Councillor Glyn Banks, said:

“With the Council’s commitment towards digital solutions, we should be looking at a cashless option as a more convenient and flexible payment solution.

“One payment solution, which is being widely adopted throughout the parking industry, is a cashless option. This solution has already been introduced in all other North Wales local authorities’ car parks and it offers a quick and secure way of paying for parking via the internet, SMS, telephone or by an app on a smartphone.”

This solution would reduce the reliance on the physical pay and display machine, ensuring that there is always an accessible payment option available.  Payments can be made using a credit / debit card or Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Parking time can be extended anytime from anywhere, saving them from having to go back to the pay and display machine.