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Flint church environmental improvement works

Published: 08/11/2016

Work on Phase 2 of environmental improvement works to the area around the Parish Church of St. Mary and St. David on Church Street, Flint was recently temporarily suspended whilst archaeologists from the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT) were given the opportunity to study a number of finds uncovered by the work. The site has medieval origins having been founded soon after the establishment of the town by Edward I in the 1280s, although the church itself was rebuilt in the mid-19th century. The current works are being undertaken on land that once formed the churchyard and evidence for a number of graves has been found, including one which retained a partial skeleton. Pottery found within the grave suggests that it may date from the 18th century. The remains, which were carefully removed by archaeologists, have since been reinterred. Flintshire County Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Councillor Derek Butler, said: “The project to improve the appearance of the area around the Church in Flint forms part of the wider Council regeneration programme for the town. This will see the physical appearance of the town massively improved with investment in new housing and community facilities, improved shop fronts, and more attractive public realm. The unique history of Flint has been a major consideration throughout the process and these finds form yet another exciting chapter in the town’s development.” Councillor Ian Roberts, in whose ward the Church stands, said: While every effort is being made to ensure the Contractors complete phase 2 of the environmental improvements on time, due respect and compassion must be given to this archaeological find of ancient remains in the former cemetery. Work is still underway on the retaining walls after a slight design change due to these archaeological finds and the scheme is progressing with due diligence in the consecrated ground surrounding the church.