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Welsh language rights day

Published: 06/12/2021

2021 Diwrnod Hawliau.jpgFor the third year running, Flintshire County Council is proud to support Diwrnod Hawliau, the national Welsh language rights day on 7 December.

Welsh speakers in Wales have rights to deal with public organisations through the medium of Welsh and receive Welsh language services from them.

The rights are created by the ‘Welsh language standards’ - a list of the things that organisations are required to do in Welsh, for example:

• answer telephone calls

• write letters

• publish documents

• publish websites and social media posts

• hold meetings

• provide reception services

The Council is one of over 120 organisations which currently operate the standards and is encouraging residents to contact them in Welsh, apply for jobs in Welsh and use the Council’s Welsh Twitter account and website. 

Flintshire County Council Cabinet Member for Corporate Management, Councillor Billy Mullin, said:

“Diwrnod Hawliau is a day to promote the fact that, wherever you live in Wales, you have rights to use the language.  We are proud to be one of the organisations in Wales taking part in the Welsh Language Rights Day. It’s an opportunity to promote Welsh language services and to try to increase the number of people who choose to use them.”

Welsh Language Commissioner, Aled Roberts, said: 

“Since the introduction of standards, I have seen a transformation in the rights of Welsh speakers and learners. The Welsh language is now part of the way organisations plan their services, and increasingly people have confidence that a quality service is available to them through the medium of Welsh. The standards have also led to establishing rights for employees to use Welsh at work, significantly increasing the opportunities to use the language on a daily basis.

“Of course, organisations are expected to promote their services throughout the year, but giving everyone one day to celebrate the Welsh language services available is an effective way of raising awareness. It is also a reason to set a date each year to remind staff internally of existing rights and carry out promotional activities.”