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Published: 15/11/2016

“The March of Archery” – an amusing look at archery as an elite pastime 1780 – 1900 by Advolly Richmond As part of the national Explore Your Archive campaign (running between 19th November and 27th November 2016) Flintshire Record Office is hosting a fascinating fully illustrated talk “The March of Archery”- an amusing look at archery as an elite pastime 1780 – 1900 by Advolly Richmond, Garden/Landscape and Social Historian, Welsh Historic Gardens Trust. The free talk is based on the activities of the Royal British Bowman Society and the various estates and families in the Flintshire and Shropshire/Wales Marches area. It is a light hearted look at archery as an elitist sport in the late 18th century and throughout the 19th century. Archery was revived in the 1770s but only the very wealthy could afford to take part in these exclusive bow meetings. These meetings took place on the estates of the aristocracy, with up to 200 guests and shooters sitting down to have lunch in between rounds. Each society had its own bespoke uniform. Advolly will talk about the landed families and their properties. The talk will take place at Flintshire Record Office on Saturday 19th November at 2pm. The talk is free but booking is essential as numbers are limited, telephone 01244 532364 or email During the whole of Explore week itself Flintshire Record Office is hosting an exhibition celebrating the tercentenary of Capability Brown (1716-2016). Also featuring William Emes and his work in North Wales, the exhibition was compiled by the Welsh Historic Gardens Trust, with additional information about a Hawarden connection by Record Office staff. Notes for Editors Explore Your Archive is a campaign designed for archives of all kinds throughout the UK and Ireland. The campaign is coordinated by The National Archives and the Archives and Records Association (UK and Ireland). This year the main launch week for the Explore Your Archive campaign will run from Saturday 19th to Sunday 27th November 2016.