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Council tax base for 2022/23

Published: 15/11/2021

Flintshire’s Cabinet members will be asked to approve the tax base of 65,194 Band ‘D’ equivalent properties for tax setting purposes for 2022/23 when they meet later this month. They will also be asked to continue to set a 50% premium for 2022-23 on long term empty property and second homes falling into the Council Tax Premium scheme.

The Council has a statutory duty to set a Council Tax Base and the proposed Tax Base is a complex calculation across 34 Town and Community areas requiring an accurate forecast for the next financial year of the number of chargeable properties after taking into account new builds, property exemptions and discount schemes.

Setting of the latest Council Tax Base is key to the budget and Council Tax setting process for 2022/23 and allows the Council, Police & Crime Commissioners Office for North Wales and Town/Community Councils to calculate next year’s Council Tax precept using the latest property statistics.

Flintshire’s Deputy Leader (Governance) and Cabinet Member for Corporate Management and Assets, Councillor Billy Mullin, said:

“The Council Tax Base at 65,194 Band D equivalent properties shows that Flintshire continues to be an area of economic prosperity as there is growth of 0.26% in the latest Tax Base, equivalent to an increase of an additional 168 Band D equivalent properties compared to last year.”