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Planning Inspector dismisses an appeal in Council’s favour

Published: 08/09/2021

Flintshire County Council has successfully defended an appeal by Punch Partnerships Ltd. following the refusal of a recent planning application.

Punch Partnerships had applied to build three houses and garages behind the Swan Inn in Higher Kinnerton.  Access was to be through the pub car park.

The original planning application was refused because of the impact the proposed development would have on the character and appearance of the area and the setting of Kinnerton Hall, a Grade II listed building. 

The Inspector said:

“I acknowledge that there is a building on the appeal site.  However, the proposed development of three large detached houses and two double garages would be a significant visual intrusion into the space behind the buildings fronting Main Road. It would also be at odds with the prevailing pattern of development and have a detrimental impact on the setting of this part of the village.”

The Inspector did not agree with the appellant’s argument that the wall and planting would largely screen the proposed development from Kinnerton Hall. He found that the proposed development would be at odds with rather than fit in with the built form of the village and concluded that it would have an adverse impact on the setting of Kinnerton Hall and the character and appearance of the area. 

The Inspector did acknowledge that Higher Kinnerton is identified as a sustainable location for growth and that there is a shortfall in housing delivery in the County.  However he did not consider that these factors outweighed the harm identified to the setting of Kinnerton Hall and the character and appearance of the area. 

Flintshire’s Cabinet Member for Planning and Public Protection, Councillor Christopher Bithell, said:

“The successful defence of this appeal shows that Flintshire’s original decision was the correct one.  The Council is measured in its approach to considering all applications and we take into account all viewpoints.  While, on the one hand, there is a clear need for more housing in the County, we must also, on the other hand, ensure that this does not compromise our heritage which we must protect now for future generations.”